Asian Basic and Applied Research Journal

A Study on Logistics Service Providers and Their Impact on Customers

A. Muhammed Akhil, K. Jnaneswar

Page: 14-23
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A Client-Friendly Embedded Dynamic Web Technology for Web Browser Based Experimentation

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 58-64
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The Relation between Women’s Health and Economic Growth in Three Islamic Developing Countries: Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan

Tahereh Darvishdoost, Ismael Rezaeinejad

Page: 71-81
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Development of Sensors System for Taking Pressure and Temperature Reading for Gas Wells by Satellites

Muhammad Abu Bakr Al-Saker, Ahmed Jummah Eshoom, Monaem Elmnifi, Taibi Abdelhalim

Page: 90-94
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An Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in India

Velu Suresh Kumar

Page: 95-102
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Energy Consumption and Sectoral Performance in Nigeria: New Growth Evidence from an ARDL Model for Consideration

Uduak Michael Ekong, Uduak Effiong Isaac, Samuel Effiong Isaac

Page: 103-119
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Monetary Policy and Domestic Savings Mobilization in Nigeria: Evidence from an ARDL Estimation

Uduak Michael Ekong, Enobong Udeme Mbobo

Page: 120-132
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Fixed Duration Pursuit-Evasion Differential Game Problem With Different Constraints On Control Parametersl

Adamu, Jamilu, Halliru, Amnu Sulaiman, Badakaya, Abbas Ja'afaru

Page: 144-154
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Power Harmonic Estimation by Using Recursive Filtering Algorithm

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 155-162
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Performance Evaluation of Multipath Fading Channel in the Presence of OFDM and MIMO

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 163-167
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Simulation of Matrix Converter by using MATLAB-Simulink

Abhinav V. Deshpande

Page: 172-180
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Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic in India’s Most Backward District: A Case Study of Nuh District of Haryana

Mohd Rashid, . Hema, . Vinod, Sunil Phougat

Page: 181-193
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Study the Effect of Magnetic Clouds on Geomagnetic Indices during Period 2007

S. G. Singh, Subhash Chandra Chaturvedi, Achyut Pandey, N. K. Patel, P. R. Singh

Page: 168-171
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Recent Advances in Landfill Leachates Treatment Technology

L. Salami, K. B. Salami, T. A. Salami, T. A. Salami, A. A. Susu

Page: 1-13
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Impact Online Marketing Strategies on Improving the Status of Businesses in the COVID-19 Situation in Iran

Ismael Rezaeinejad

Page: 24-33
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Application of Big Data Analytics in Enhancing the Supply Chain Management System

Anand Mohan, Karthika V, Shalin Simon

Page: 82-89
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Automatic Detection of Fungal and Bacterial Plant Leaves Diseases: A Review

R. Manavalan

Page: 133-143
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The Opportunities and Benefits in Migrating to Blockchain Based Services

Sean Blain, Kevin Curran

Page: 34-57
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Reducing Gas Emissions and Burning in Oil Fields: Case Study

Mohammed Abu Bakr Al-Saker, Idris Omar Abdul Jalil, Ibrahim Omar Fenoush, Hussein Ghaith Awad

Page: 65-70
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