A Study on the Effectiveness and Impacts of Online Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Vipin H.
Muhammed Faizal


The fast development of technology today makes internet users continues to increase. The rise in Internet users makes the internet an actual promotion using online advertising. So it is vital to investigate how online advertising affects consumer buying behaviour and online and how to manage behaviour and subjective standards influence customer attitudes and interests when buying online.  Advertisers intend to make their ads further involving. Interactive advertising grants customers to become more involved because they initiate most of the action. Consumer views are influenced significantly by online advertising. Ads online are designed visually appealing or display ads and advertising information messages that include product quality, price, and other information to form various feelings and judgments resulting from ad views. These feelings and decisions affect consumer attitudes toward advertising and the trust associated with online advertising. Before acting, customers frequently acquire a desire to behave based on the probability of a particular attitude or action. One's attitude influences the desire in buying online. In general, the better the consumer's attitude, the higher the consumer's desire to complete the intended transaction. Understanding the elements that influence online advertisement effectiveness is also crucial. The study was conducted based on already published data. This study focuses on understanding the effect of online advertising on consumer buying behaviour. The study showed that online advertising influences consumer buying behaviour

Online advertising, consumer buying behaviour, consumer decision, purchase intention, attitudes, adds effectiveness

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