An Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on OTT Movie Releases and Its Viewers in India

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Jisha Gopi
Muhammed Faizal
H. Vipin


Covid-19 has worse affected the theatre movie releases worldwide. The movies are releasing all over by OTT (Over the top) platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic. OTT refers to film and TV content material supplied through a high-pace internet connection instead of cable or satellite providers. The demand for content consumption has grown among the users, and OTT channels have seen upward increases in viewership. Even though the OTT releases have positive impacts, they also made some negative impacts on viewers too. The study is exploratory and mainly focuses on analyzing the negative implications of OTT movie releases, especially in Indian viewers during the Covid-19 pandemic, using primary and secondary data. OTT releases have a significant impact on visual and audio experiences for big-screen movie viewers and fan clubs. It also affected the promotional activities, especially for big-ticket movies. This study will be helpful for the film industry to analyse the attitude of Indian viewers towards OTT releases.

Covid-19, movie release, digital platform, OTT platform

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Gopi, J., Faizal, M., & Vipin, H. (2021). An Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on OTT Movie Releases and Its Viewers in India. Asian Basic and Applied Research Journal, 3(3), 1-8. Retrieved from
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